We have been identifying Street / Orphan / Semi Orphan children through our volunteers, community elders, police, women & child welfare department. Preview of the incoming child problems/difficulties. We counsel and arrange for Emotional acceptance of the child. Let Us Light arranged teaching facilities in Sishu Mandiram High School, G.Pullareddy Engg. College campus, India according to their age. We also providing evening study hours, recreation and health care.
Since 2011, we have been supporting orphan & street children in the Home of Hope Orphanage run by Compassion Society for 40 children with individual donations and local financial contributions. We accept both cash and kind. We have limited resources to take care of these children. Moreover, day by day the number of new orphan children are increasing due to various reasons.

Students are taught about addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, chewing pan masala, carcinogens, good dietary habits, healthy living habits, good genital and personal hygiene along with the early symptoms of Cancer when it is curable if treated (currently 80% of patients reach the doctors in the incurable stages where we lose precious human lives and resources).
We need additional support to meet the needs of increasing children. This Hope of Hope Orphanage has One Teacher, One Vocational instructor, One cook, One attendant, and one dhobi.
A doctor appointed as Centre Medical Attendant on honorarium and all the children are provided with health check-up, medicines, food, one set of books and 2 sets of uniforms every year. Children enjoy nutrition food, indoors and outdoor recreation facilities and training in crafts and hobbies.

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